Saturday, September 10, 2016

Merchants Realize an Average Savings of 21% on Processing Fees

Payment Processing Expense Reduction
  • Continue using your existing merchant service provider
  • We work directly with the provider, on your behalf
  • Our two phase approach maximizes savings opportunity:
    • Phase I – we ‘right-size’ the account plan, placing the merchant on the correct plan type with the most competitive plan rate. Savings are immediately realized moving forward.
    • Phase II – we implement ‘processing optimization’ where we help the merchant correct future transactions to avoid downgrades and satisfy Level 2/3 processing requirements.
  • Our network of merchant services providers is immediately available should a merchant choose to obtain or switch processing services
  • Stryde is a Partner Provider for the two largest payment gateways, and PayPal, offering wholesale pricing to merchants
  • Our team has the experience and expertise to recommend payment processing improvements, including:
    • Back-office accounting integration
    • E-commerce solutions
    • Card Present terminal and POS equipment
    • Payment gateway configuration and support

    Larry G. Potter

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