Monday, July 4, 2016

Expense Reduction Solutions for Payment Processing - part 2

Note: Merchants asked to reveal their processing rate often tell us about their ‘qualified’ rate or an effective rate not inclusive of all provider fees. This misunderstanding is far too common for an expense that has significant impact on the operating margin of a business. The payment industry is complex. Stryde can help

Expense Reduction Solution

The Stryde two-phase approach to expense reduction is unparalleled in the payment industry. We correct the processing plan to reflect the most competitive plan type and rate, using formulated, specific asks of the existing provider. Our team then works with the client to further reduce the non-negotiable fees through processing optimization – where we help qualify payment transactions at lower interchange rates by passing through additional processing data.

   Phase I   We ‘right-size’ the account plan, placing the merchant on the correct plan type with the most competitive plan rate. Savings are immediately realized moving forward.

   Phase II   We implement ‘processing optimization’ where we help the merchant correct future transactions to avoid downgrades and satisfy Level 2/3 processing requirements. Stryde has tools to audit and analyze credit card processing, and we are uniquely positioned to secure the lowest possible card processing rate, ensure accurate billing, and help merchants reduce their overall payment processing expenses.

Stryde is ready to make a difference to your bottom line by delivering maximum transparency and measurable results. Our experience and expertise in the payments industry, along with our proprietary auditing tools, will deliver unparalleled expense reduction results.

Larry Potter

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