Saturday, July 2, 2016

Business Expense Reduction

I’m excited to tell you more about our credit card monitoring service. Let me tell you up front, we are not a merchant processor and we will never ask you to switch processors or equipment.

I know your busy so, I promise not to take too much of your time today. I know you get a ton of calls from companies trying to switch and save regarding your merchant account. Again, we are NOT here to switch your processor. In fact our service is designed to keep you with your current processor.

• We have saved companies over $100 million in fees! Companies like Adidas, Yankee Candle, Office Depot and many more, all across America, large and small.

• You are probably not aware, but there are over 1000 different charges that make up the fees on your merchant statement.

• On average we save our clients 21% off of their merchant service fees and again, we reduce your fees without switching processors.

• In fact, we find savings 100% of the time, which means every month you’ve been overpaying on interchange fees. Wouldn’t you like to find out how much we can save you?

Our process is simple. All we need is your last six months of statements and in three business days you’ll receive a free report that will outline an 11 point audit and provides you the transparency into all the hidden fees and surcharges.

We just need to know who handles the credit card statements at your company.

I look forward to showing you the results of your analysis. The first thing I need is your email address  and then we can make an appointment and using your computer and mine, I can share my screen with you and in a matter of minutes I can show you the approximate savings you could obtain.

And remember, there are no upfront fees for our service.

Email us today at

Thank you.

Larry Potter
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